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Madrid Spain
Human rights must include the right to mental health care and disability care.
One billion people have a disability in the world however, how is a human with a disability protected if subjected to human rights violations or improvised countries?
Individuals with disabilities are often disregarded and sometimes even treated as criminals.
There is often no social or cultural acceptance of an individual with a mental or physical disability.
When a society does not have the tools or understanding to care for someone with a disability, more violence and abuse incite.
One ongoing example of how disabilities are violated is in regard to asylum seekers rights.
Many asylum seekers are survivors of war, crisis, and severe violence.
Often as a result they deal with serious trauma which can spark psychological episodes.
Asylum seekers are already in a vulnerable situation that violates their protection and so without receiving the mental health support they need they endanger themselves and others.
We at the Europe Peace Foundation recognize that a peaceful society protects the rights of individuals with disabilities!