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Madrid Spain


Continued fighting between Israel and Palestine is escalating daily.
Since the beginning of 2023 61 Palestinians have been killed including 13 children.
Continuous raids on Palestinian refugee camps have murdered innocent people.
In retaliation Palestinians have fought back resulting in the death of Israelis.
Most recently a raid on the city of Nablus left 11 Palestinians dead, resulting in the firing of rockets from Gaza into Israel.
This then resulted in air raids on Gaza City.
The violence, destruction and death has reached new levels between Israel and Palestine.
We at the Europe Peace Foundation call for an end to the murder of innocent people.
There must be intervention. There must be a call for action. There must be a call for mediation.
The Palestinians people have endured a level of suffering that is unimaginable.
This cycle of violence, hate and racism must end but it will not without international intervention and support.
We stand with the protection of Palestinians and Israelis.