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Madrid Spain
The climate change crisis affects those most vulnerable in society- the most impoverished, women, children, and the elderly.
Everyone all over the world is at risk of being affected by climate change.
For example in Pakistan women who faced the horrific effects of floods are most greatly affected after losing their crops, homes, and livestock.
2.2 million people were affected by the disastrous floods, and 1,700 people were killed.
Pakistan is a country that faces extreme weather conditions. When disastrous floods hit the country, livestock drowns which then affects the ability to tend to crops which then can put an already struggling family into debt.
When the family consists of women and children, they are left in extremely dire situations.

We at the Europe Peace Foundation stand in solidarity with those who are most affected by the climate change crisis.

We stand with men, women, and children who are most in need and most affected by the disastrous effects.