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Burkina Faso is demanding the removal of French soldiers.
Since 2016 France has deployed thousands of soldiers to protect the country from military groups connected to Al Qaeda and ISIL.
However, little protection or change has happened.
In 2020, Burkina Faso’s neighboring country, Mali, successfully removed French soldiers.

In past years the country has seen numerous coup d’états and military control.
Over 2 million people are displaced due to violence, political unrest, and military occupation.
Historically the country has been colonized and occupied for foreign economic gain.
While the right to sovereignty and the removal of foreign occupation is essential, what happens next for Burkina Faso?
France could meet the country’s demands and find alternative solutions in aid like supporting political candidates who work towards social welfare, providing humanitarian support to the millions of displaced persons, or making an effort to mediate with military groups to end the reoccurring violence.

The presence of France in Burkina Faso and the current situation represents what happens when foreign occupation, colonization, and military gain is a strategy. These actions create more modes of violence, hostility, and unrest.