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Madrid Spain
The attacks on power plants in Ukraine have left many families without heat during the intensely cold winter months.
Many believe this to be a deliberate action taken by the Russian authorities to brutalize Ukrainians and force them to leave their homes.
This action kills and endangers the lives of innocent civilians.

Just this past week Russia fired 80 missiles into Ukraine, damaging power plants in multiple cities and causing blackouts throughout the country.

Without electricity, Ukrainians are without warmth, and the ability to cook and protect themselves.
Temperatures in winter in Ukraine can go below 0 degrees C.

The lives of innocent men, women, and children are destroyed by weaponizing the winter weather.

The brutality against innocent lives in this war will only end with a call to action for peace and a ceasefire.
We at the Europe Peace Foundation stand with a call for justice.
We call for peace and an immediate ceasefire to begin mediation and negotiation.