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Madrid Spain
Asylum seekers in New York City are camping outside a hotel where they previously lived.
They were evicted and sent to a warehouse facility in inhumane conditions.
The asylum seekers are peacefully protesting this displacement by the city of New York.
Many of the asylum seekers traveled by bus from the Mexican border.
The protests come after President Biden passed new legislation that solidifies more regulations on who can enter the country.
Asylum seekers must have job sponsorship, pass a criminal background check and arrive at the border by plane.
Since this legislation passed there have been fewer arrests of immigrants but still a staggering number of 4,000 arrests per day.
The ruling that arrested immigrants must be sent back to Mexico is still in effect.
These regulations do not consider any humane treatments or place human rights at the top of the agenda.
We at the Europe Peace Foundation stand with the peaceful protestors who are reminding the world of their rights as humans to protection, safety, and health.