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Madrid Spain
Another cyclone has struck Malawi killing hundreds and displacing hundreds of thousands.
The cycle has destroyed lives, infrastructures, and villages.
The President of Malwai called on the international community for assistance.
Although he has pledged money to assist the country, more is needed to reach those in the most dangerous areas.
The cyclone has caused landslides and ruined highways making it almost impossible for humanitarian aid to reach certain areas.
The cause of this disaster could affect any country.
No country is exempt from climate change.

If we as a global community do not recognize the necessity for international aid in moments of crisis, we will never have a peaceful future.
There must be an effort to fight climate change and protect the earth.
We at the Europe Peace Foundation stand with all those fighting to protect the earth and all those in need of humanitarian aid.
We recognize the fight to end climate change as the protection of human rights.