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Madrid Spain
Across the world, journalists face danger under repressive regimes and governments.
Journalists who report on human rights, political opinions, and stories that are not accepted by the government face imprisonment, torture, and death.
In Egypt, this is the case for journalists.
This past week three journalists from Egypt’s last remaining independent news station have gone on trial.
The three journalists, all women face charges that could lead to two years in prison.
The charges come after an article published exposed the mishandling of government spending by top political leaders.
The press outlet which is one of the only independent media outlets in Egypt has already dealt with office raids, harassment, and staff members being interrogated.
The repression of the press and freedom of media is extremely dangerous.
Without the ability to share information with the government, a society falls to a dictatorship that represses human rights.
We at the Europe Peace Foundation stand with the rights of journalists to share and collect information, stories, and news.