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Madrid Spain
A boat carrying migrants sank off the coast of Italy.
The boat was carrying men, women, and children from Turkey.
59 innocent people, including 12 children died in the crossing. 81 individuals survived.
In 2022, 2,836 people died crossing the Mediterranean route.
The innocent civilians who risk their lives to reach Europe are escaping extreme violence, poverty, war, and displacement.
The conditions and lives they leave behind in their home countries are so intensely dangerous that they are willing to leave everything and risk their lives.
With the increased flux of migrants entering Italy, many governments have enacted new laws. In Italy, a new law prevents rescuers from making more than one rescue at a time.
We at the Europe Peace Foundation stand for the protection of all humans and believe that for this increased displacement, death, and violence. The countries where their civilians are leaving must be assisted.
All humans deserve the right to freedom and dignity.
We stand with the rescuers, migrants, and activists fighting for human rights.