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Protecting urban refugees is crucial for upholding human rights and promoting social justice. Urban refugees face a host of challenges, including limited access to basic services such as housing, healthcare, education, and employment. They are also vulnerable to discrimination, exploitation, and violence.

Despite these challenges, urban refugees are often overlooked in policy and programming decisions, and their needs are not adequately addressed. This can lead to further marginalization and exacerbate their already precarious living conditions.

It is therefore essential to prioritize the protection of urban refugees by ensuring they have access to basic services and opportunities to build a stable and dignified life. This could involve providing legal documentation, facilitating access to education and healthcare, and creating pathways to employment and self-sufficiency.

Protecting urban refugees also requires addressing the root causes of displacement and forced migration. This could involve advocating for policies that promote peace and stability in conflict-affected regions, addressing economic inequality and social injustice, and creating safe and legal pathways for refugees to seek protection and asylum.

By protecting urban refugees, we can uphold the dignity and rights of all people and promote social cohesion and inclusion. It is our collective responsibility to ensure that refugees, regardless of their location, are able to access the support and resources they need to rebuild their lives with safety and security.