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MADRID Monday, August 29th, 2023

Tripoli Libya- violent fighting between opposing military groups erupted killing 32 people, including civilians and injuring more than 150. 

Photos reveal smoke rising from city buildings, cars burned and streets in ruin. Some reports even mention a hospital being destroyed. Many are prepared for more violence and hostility. 

Unfortunately this is not the only attack on the city this summer. Last month 16 were killed and 52 wounded in armed fighting between the two opposing politically driven groups. One armed group is in support of the current prime minister while the other supports who they consider to be the elected prime minister.

This chaos marks the end of what was a period of calmness for Tripoli and for Libya. Since 2011, following the ousting of Libya’s former leader Muammar Gaddafi, Libya has faced instability with contentious militia groups, political parties and interim governments.

An escalation of violence is expected unless action is taken to begin a civil conversation. Without a serious effort made to mitigate peace, chances are the death toll will rise. 

The military backed political groups must agree to a cease fire before a new war develops. In order to protect Libya the international community must intervene and support a peace process. For the protection of Libya there needs to be peaceful negotiations. 

The violence and unrest in Tripoli is how a war begins. It is how decades of violences and generations of grievances begin. 

At the European Peace Foundation we work on supporting peaceful processes. We aim to find solutions within our own community and global communities that are peaceful. It is our belief that the fostering of democratic structures is essential for the wellbeing of all.

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