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Madrid, Monday August 22, 2022

World leaders, dissidents, communities and humanitarians must join together and demand peace for Palestinians and Israelis. The ongoing crisis in Palestine and Israel must cease in order to end the constant destruction of human life. Despite endless efforts to find a peace agreement there has been no concrete resolution. Without a stronger more concrete peace plan of cooperation and communication this disaster will continue. 

In the past decades tens of thousands, many of which are children, have been killed in the conflict. Millions of Palestinians have become refugees. And around the world forced displacement is becoming more and more common. By the end of last year more than 80 million people in the world were displaced. All humans, including Palestinians and Israelis must be allowed to live in dignity. 

The psychological effects of war create irreversible trauma, most importantly on children. The increasing poverty and dire need for adequate medical supplies as a result of warfare threaten the lives of individuals and families on a daily basis. 

There is an urgency for humanitarian aid to meet basic needs like food, education, water and housing. The first step in finding peace is to stand against violence and the violations of human rights in order to protect Palestinian and Israeli lives. 

In the past years it has been reported that over 2 million people need humanitarian aid in Palestine. Since 2000, 2,200 children have been killed in the attacks among the nearly 4,000 total civilian casualties. The violence and aggression must end to mitigate the conflict.

We at the Europe Peace Foundation condemn this violence, arms exportation and religious disctrimination. It is possible to reach a point of negotiation through peaceful reconciliation. The first step is to end this violence so we can protect human life. 

At the European Peace Foundation, we see religion as a force for peace. The pursuit of dialogue among religions is an effective way to motivate believers toward tolerance and the peaceful acceptance of others. The call for dialogue among religions is a call for empathy within various faith traditions and we at the European Peace Foundation believe that this strategy can be applied not only to the Palestinian and Israeli conflict but to the entire world in an effort to secure global peace. 

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