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MADRID, Monday, September 20, 2022

Last August the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, intensifying a pre-existing humanitarian crisis. The people of Afghanistan face an extreme situation of food insecurity, authoritarian leadership, and oppressive regulations, specifically ones that are directed at women. 

A reported 92% of households are struggling to meet their food needs and with winter approaching this is expected to worsen. The ongoing crisis of food insecurity and malnutrition ceases to end as the economic situation simultaneously becomes direr. 

Following the Taliban’s take over the UN appealed for a 4.4 billion aid budget and so far only 40% has been received. This is not enough. There needs to be a larger budget to support the Afghani people. Hunger and malnutrition create unstable social conditions, violence, and crime.

The control of the Taliban has restarted oppressive conditions on women and violations of gender equality. 850,000 young women are out of school. In the past year, many schools for girls have been shut down under the rule of Taliban authority. 

Young women face a higher risk of sexual exploitation and child marriage without the protected rights to education, jobs, and public life. 

The safety of women and the human rights of all Afghani people must be protected. International committees and organizations must recognize this absolute necessity. We at the European Peace Foundation are focused on fostering dialogues of peace. To end this cycle of oppression and gender inequality there need to be sustainable actions made. 

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