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Madrid Spain
Belarus is repressing any dissent against support for Russia in the war with Ukraine.
There has been a large number of prosecutions against lawyers, activists, journalists, and peaceful protestors.
A reported 1,443 people have faced prosecutions on politically motivated charges.
This has forced many to flee the country.
The brutality of the detention and the impunity for rights violations is inhumane.
One journalist claimed to have been detained for over 2 weeks and subjected to torture; electric shock, and cold weather for hours on end.
This cruelty from the government is all in reaction to protesting the military support Belarus has given to Russia.
Belarus has recently allowed Russia to use its land to launch missile strikes.
The people of Belarus, the people of Russia, and the people of Ukraine deserve the right to peaceful protests.
Peaceful protests allow for dialogue, diplomacy, and mediation.
We at the Europe Peace foundation believe in expression as freedom.