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The Taiwan Affairs Office in Beijing has remarked that foreign intervention in support of Taiwan’s independence is a provocation of violence.
The Taiwan Affairs Office went on to claim China was committed in the new year to safeguarding their territory and destroying any plots for independence.
Recently Taiwan has practiced military drills as a demonstration to the world and China of its ability to counter offense.
The comments made by Beijing come after many high-profile politicians for example from the United States and Germany have visited Taiwan and shown their support.
The ongoing issue of Taiwan and China relations comes at a moment when the world sees the results of decades-old territorial disputes turned into human suffering at the cost of warfare between Russia and Ukraine.
In the prevention of a potential human catastrophe, we must focus on intervention in the form of peace negotiation and mediation.
The provocation of external parties will only threaten the lives of innocent Chinese and Taiwanese civilians.
There must be a call to action in the form of peace.