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Madrid Spain
Palestinians live under the occupation of Israel.
Every day they are faced with the brutality, violence, and racism of an illegal occupation.
Over the past few weeks, the aggression and attacks on Palestinians have grown.
This is a result of new Israeli leadership that is far right and seeks to intensify the occupation.
The recent weeks in Palestine have been fueled by attacks that have left over 50 innocent Palestinians dead.
Constant raids in refugee camps have left men, women, children, and elderly  killed.
Palestinians are still fighting for their lives but the circumstances are unimaginable.
The ability to work and make ends meet has become even more impossible since Palestinians are restricted from leaving the occupied territory.
This makes it almost impossible to work and live.

The growing evil that is inflicted upon the Palestinian people must come to an end now.
The lives of innocent Palestinians must be protected.
There must be a ceasefire, a peace talk, and a negotiation.