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Madrid Spain
While recent talks to de-escalate the increased violence between Palestine and Israel were intended to move forward, more brutal attacks on Palestinians by Israeli settlers have continued.
In the past few weeks, more attacks on Palestinians have taken place. These revenge attacks by Israeli settlers have destroyed homes, farmland, shops, and cars.
These attacks are backed by the Israeli army. The settler attackers are protected.
These rampages have injured hundreds of Palestinians across the villages near Nabulus.
30 Palestinian homes and 100 cars were set on fire by the settlers.
Moreover, when these attacks take place, assistance is not at all easily delivered.
The violence and brutality are part of a systematic policy that endangers Palestinians and aims to destroy their existence.
Last week 11 Palestinians were killed in a raid and 100 were wounded.
Since the beginning of 2023, 67 Palestinians were killed and 13 were children.
International intervention must begin to protect the lives of Palestinians and put an end to this bloodshed.
We stand with the people of Palestine in the right to freedom. We stand with the people of Israel in their right to freedom.

The only solution to this violence is the removal of brutality from the Palestinians people. The only solution is to provide them with the right to freedom.