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Madrid Spain


This past week during the holy month of Ramadan Israeli Police shot and killed a 26-year-old Palestinian man near a mosque.

Reports claim that the man fought with police after he saw them harass a Palestinian woman entering the holy compound near the mosque.

This event occurs when fighting between Israel and Palestine reaches an all-time high.

Israelis are in the midst of a massive protest against their government, subjecting the country to dictator-like leadership.

While the Palestinian people are still living under an illegal occupation and apartheid state.

The continuation of violence and aggression toward the Palestinian people must end. There must be a cease-fire to reach some sort of agreement.

If not, the escalation of violence will increase. Already more Palestinians are fighting back and forming resistance groups to defend themselves.

We at the Europe Peace Foundation stand with the Palestinians in their fight for justice. We at the Europe Peace Foundation stand with the Israelis in their fight for justice.


We recognize the severity of which the Palestinians are living and we call on the international community to support the liberation of the Palestinian people!