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Madrid Spain


Every day migrants across the globe risk their lives in search of asylum and refuge.

Just this past week 8 migrants traveling from Mexico to the United States drowned when their boat capsized off the coast of San Diego.

This comes after the Biden Administration recently passed new legislation making the process of entering the United States harsher for asylum seekers.

The treacherous route migrants take to enter the United States on land or by sea is life-threatening.

Across the globe, migrants are drowning by an ocean route.

Over 1,300 people migrants aboard three overcrowded boats were rescued off the southern Italian coast
This comes after a  shipwreck off the shore of Calabria two weeks ago has risen to 76.
Three more bodies were found Saturday, including two children.
This all happens as Italy continues to enforce violent anti-immigrant policies.

30 migrants are still missing in the central Mediterranean after their boat capsized Sunday as they fled Libya for Italy.
Over a dozen others were rescued by Italian authorities.

As intense immigration policies continue all over the world, those most affected are the most in need of humanitarian assistance.

We at the Europe Peace Foundation stand in the fight for peace which means we stand with the protection of human rights.

Asylum seekers across the world are humans deserving of protection, health care, medical assistance, and protection.

We call for the safe passage and protection of asylum seekers.