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Madrid Spain
March 20th marked 20 years since the US-led invasion of Iraq.
The invasion of Iraq started based on liberating a country from a dictatorship but ultimately it created mass destruction.
1/2 a million people lost their lives, millions of people lost their homes and countless civilians were subjected to war crimes that have still not been given justice by international courts.
The US-led invasion ignited  conflicts with terrorist groups that grew larger and terrorized civilians in Iraq and neighboring countries.
After the 2003 invasion, the political structure of the country was left in corruption. Thousands took to the street and hundreds were killed and many disappeared.
The civilians who still face the tragic repercussions of the war require justice.
For these acts of terror and crime to not happen again, international courts must hold the perpetrators responsible.
We at the Europe Peace Foundation stand with a call to justice and reparation for those who lost their innocent lives during the Iraq war.