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In the United States, some states have passed a recent bill into law that bans gender-affirming medical care for minors.
This new law restricts medical care for transgender youth.
The newly passed laws outlaw prescription drugs like hormone therapy and puberty blockers and surgery for gender-reaffirming surgeries.
Many lawmakers consider gender-affirming care to be treated as a result of unproven medical and psychological issues.
However, the distress experienced by being unable to identify with the gender identity at birth.
The severe psychological distress experienced by those unable to connect with their gender identity results in feelings of suicide and mental illness.

Without proper medical care to support the mental well-being of minors, lives are put in grave danger.
We at the Europe Peace Foundation call on the global community to recognize gender-affirming care as a human right.
Without a health care system that supports all human life, there can be no peace.