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In times of crisis whether man-made, natural disasters, or disease outbreaks human rights must always be positioned first.
In order for there to be any peace or sustained peace from a disaster the priority must always go to the rights of humans

Emergencies must always be treated with a response to human rights.
Humanitarian and peace action is critical for the sustainment of any society.

The recent crisis in Turkey and Mozambique, for example, must be addressed with humanitarian action.

In Turkey and in Syria the action in response to the devastating earthquake was quick but we saw how the political relations between Syria and the United States for example hindered humanitarian aid to reach people.

We must remember that in order to protect the rights of humans we must follow humanitarian action.

Humanitarian response to a human crisis is essential. There must always be immediate action that looks beyond money, politics, and power.

We at the Europe Peace Foundation for humanitarian aid to be immediate action and preparation in the case of any crisis.