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Israeli forces and Palestinian armed groups in Gaza have reached a ceasefire agreement following a night of Israeli air strikes and rocket launches toward Israel.

The ceasefire was facilitated by officials from Egypt, Qatar, and the United Nations.

The agreement comes after the death of prominent Palestinian hunger striker Khader Adnan while in prison.

Holding prisoners without trial is a serious violation of human rights.
It denies individuals their fundamental right to due process and a fair trial, which are protected under international human rights law. Such detention practices can lead to prolonged and arbitrary detention, torture, and other forms of mistreatment, and can undermine the rule of law and the principles of justice and equality.

Every individual has the right to be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of the nature of the allegations against them.
It is crucial to ensure that all detainees are afforded their basic rights and given a fair trial in a timely manner.