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MADRID SPAIN, October 26 2022

The 27th “Conference of the Parties” or COP27 will take place next month in Egypt. 

The attending parties will be those who signed the 1992 UN climate agreement. 

These climate summits are a point of reunion between countries to agree on steps need to lower the earth’s temperature to reduce the risk the world population faces to life-threatening heat and humidity. 

Extreme weather conditions will be one of the many topics covered during the meeting. 

Heatwaves have increased pressure on the need for medical services that are already dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Impoverished families, countries lacking adequate medical systems, and countries exposed to normally hot weather are at extreme risk of health problems, food insecurity, and infectious diseases. 

The recognition of the earth’s health and global health as a direct connection to human health must be fully clear.