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As an organization committed to promoting peace and stability in Europe and beyond, the Europe Peace Foundation is deeply concerned about the ongoing crisis in Myanmar.

The situation in the country has been deteriorating rapidly since the military coup on February 1st, 2021, which saw the democratically elected government overthrown and replaced by a military junta.

The military junta’s actions have been met with widespread protests from the people of Myanmar, who have taken to the streets in large numbers to demand the restoration of democracy and the release of political prisoners.

The response of the junta has been brutal, with security forces using lethal force against peaceful protesters and arresting thousands of people, including journalists, activists, and politicians.

The Europe Peace Foundation condemns the use of violence against peaceful protesters and calls on the military junta to respect the right to peaceful assembly and expression. We also call for the immediate release of all political prisoners.

The crisis in Myanmar has had severe humanitarian consequences, with tens of thousands of people forced to flee their homes due to the violence and instability. The Europe Peace Foundation urges the international community to provide humanitarian assistance to those in need and to support efforts to address the root causes of the crisis.

In addition to the humanitarian situation, the crisis in Myanmar has broader regional and global implications. The instability in the country has the potential to spill over into neighboring countries and exacerbate existing conflicts and tensions.

The Europe Peace Foundation calls on the international community to work together to find a peaceful and sustainable solution to the crisis in Myanmar.

In conclusion, the Europe Peace Foundation stands in solidarity with the people of Myanmar in their struggle for democracy and human rights. We call on the military junta to respect the will of the people and to engage in meaningful dialogue with all stakeholders to find a peaceful solution to the crisis.

We also call on the international community to support the people of Myanmar in their time of need and to work towards a brighter future for the country and the region as a whole.