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Attacks on Ukraine’s energy devices

MADRID SPAIN November 3 2022 The attacks on Ukraine have destroyed the energy infrastructures in ten regions including Kyiv leaving nearly the entire city or town without electricity or water. In the past few days, 50 cruise missiles were dropped and 44 were shot down by Ukraine. The attacks on

Iran’s call to action for gender based violence and inequality

Madrid Spain November 3, 2022 In two weeks the FIFA World Cup 2022 will begin in Qatar this year. 32 teams will participate in the representation of their country. However, this year, players from Iran and professional athletes have called on FIFA to ban their own country for its gender-based

How the war between Russia and Ukraine affects the world.

MADRID SPAIN, November 1 2022 Russia has recently stated it plans to remove itself temporarily from the grain deal it has with Ukraine. The safe passage of food from Ukraine through the black sea to the rest of the world has prevented hundreds of millions of people from hunger. Now

Sanctions placed on Russia

MADRID SPAIN November 2, 2022 Sanctions on Russia have been placed by the UK and the US. While the sanctions are aimed at the decisions of the Russian government, the consequences of these sanctions will negatively affect the most vulnerable members of society. Women for example will be more likely

update on war between Russia and Ukraine, Iran plans to send more drones

MADRID, November 1, 2022 Iran is planning to send more than 200 drones to Russia in the fight against Ukraine. Beginning in September Russia has sent over 300 of these types of weapons to Ukraine, all of which were sent by Ukraine. Iran is continuing its participation in this war.

update on war in Russia

Russia has recently announced the completion of its military mobilization. Last month Russia began a war draft that increased its military population to 300,000 personnel. Following these aggressive steps to strengthen military force hundreds of thousands of Russians fled. Over 500,000 Russians have fled the country since the start of

Nigeria faces continued flooding

MADRID SPAIN  October 28, 2022  Nigeria has experienced disastrous flooding since the summer, killing more than 600 people, leaving over 1 million displaced and hundreds of thousands of homes destroyed.  Whole families drowning, towns submerged in water and makeshift living conditions have been reported across the country. In Nigeria, 2.5

Russia poses itself as a nuclear threat

MADRID SPAIN  October 27, 2022 Russian President Vladimir Putin has overseen the practice of ballistic and crucible missiles as what could be considered a show of force. Putin has also reportedly acknowledged the war with Ukraine becoming nuclear. While the test of weapons is seemingly a demonstration of power and

The urgency of COP27

MADRID SPAIN October 27, 2022 COP27 will take place in two weeks and world leaders will discuss plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and avoid a rise in the world’s temperature. The current plans made by governments are not enough to protect the environment from further heatwaves, floods, and climate-related

Climate change crisis and COP27 in Egypt next month

MADRID SPAIN, October 26 2022 The 27th “Conference of the Parties” or COP27 will take place next month in Egypt.  The attending parties will be those who signed the 1992 UN climate agreement.  These climate summits are a point of reunion between countries to agree on steps need to lower